Spring in Step

When the doors slide open, spring walks in,

in skinny cutoff jeans rolled up

to show tattoo red, yellow, and green

on right calf hairy and fit,

brown suede shoes in lieu of trainers,

sleeveless vest over checked gingham shirt,

floppy brown hair over mirrored shades,

and when he passes and  smiles “hello,”

his very energy seems to flirt

with sunshine, youth, and whoever’s near.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Morning Haze

Dark hair wind-blown;

pale skin, clean-shaven.

In inky jeans

and grey peacoat

a bit too heavy

for the weather.

At the counter,

ordering coffee.

When he turns,

Roman nose

in profile.

He looks at odds

with the morning:

dazed brown eyes,

mouth without

discernible expression.

Student probably,

who just woke up

and ventured out,

unsure of the day

and its agenda,

his plan, himself.

But to his credit,

at least he orders

like an adult–

an actual coffee,

not sugary milk.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Relationship Potential

Standing shirtless at the curb,

checking messages on his cell.

February, but he’s not disturbed–

a springlike break from wintry hell.


He slides the phone into his jeans,

pulls the dumpster around back,

wobbly wheels making a racket.

Not over-muscled or too lean,


just appealingly ordinary:

old-school tats, nothing crazy,

dark hair and beard, eyes look hazel;

probably the kind you’d eventually marry.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Divine Abduction

Soaring away from its mountain lair, the eagle

circles broadly, until, gazing down,

a kind of magnetism pulls it toward

a temptation stretched out on the ground,

a naked youth sunning himself beside

the clear, cool brook from which he just emerged

after a refreshing dip.  He lies

reclining, propped on one flexed arm, still beardless,

body smooth, golden, hairless, sun

and trees dappling his teenage form, blond locks

long and thick, still damp, pulled back

from his perfectly sculptured face, eyes like–

no, a simile won’t do them justice–

blue sapphires they are, and deeper than

the stream in which he bathed, lips full and red.

Mid-afternoon at the height of summer,

he sips sweet wine and dozes in the warmth,

awakes feeling horny, a bit aroused,

unknowingly most beautiful of mortals,

one even the godly Zeus cannot resist,

and so the eagle spirals earthward, lands,

and the king of gods takes human form,

dark curly hair and beard, shirtless chest

broad and strong, his cock already hard.

He takes Ganymede by surprise,

flips him over, enters from behind,

rapes the youth and infuses him

with the spirit of divinity.

Afterward, they finish off the wine,

share a smoke, and then the mighty god

resumes the form of the noble bird,

snatches up the delicate Trojan boy,

now the legendary catamite,

with his eagle talons and whisks him away

to Olympus, where the boy,

nude and lovely, serves the gods golden

wine from a golden chalice, and in return

himself becomes a vessel often filled.

Whether he finds joy in his role,

who knows, happiness not being a virtue

of particular importance among the Greeks.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Antonio’s Theme

Note: I have been really busy with work the last couple of weeks and haven’t had much time to work on poems, but I have my students reading The Duchess of Malfi, and I’ve put them in groups to produce their own 10-minute versions, so I was inspired to write a theme song for us. I have an audio file, but it’s in .wav format, and I can’t figure out how to convert it. 😦

Antonio’s Theme (Oh My Duchess!)

Verse 1

She could be an angel, her voice too sweet to hush,

her face lit by candles–but wait! I must not rush!


Oh my Duchess! My noble Duchess!

She inspires me; could she desire me too?

Verse 2

Her brothers are just evil, their plots too dark to call.

You might think she’s like them, but no! She’s not like that at all!


Oh my Duchess! My noble Duchess!

She inspires me; could she desire me too?

[Instrumental bridge]

Verse 3

In this world of darkness, she is my only light!

Inside our enchanted circle, oh yes! Life just seems so right!


Oh my Duchess! My noble Duchess!

She inspires me; could she desire me too?


Oh my Duchess! My noble Duchess!

She inspires me; could she desire me too?

Words and music copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper