Let Us No Longer Pretend

Let us no longer pretend

that love endures forever,

that everything always gets better,

that hard work always pays off,

that the dream can become reality

for everyone who dreams it,

that the negative –isms have died,

that all neighbors just want to hold hands,

that the system, though faulty, works

for the most part.


Lovers will leave you;

everything sometimes gets worse.

The dream can change to a nightmare

when the cruel –isms revive;

your neighbor might want to kill you.

The system’s a conspiracy

against us.


But still we must love,

still work to make the dream

possible; still train to slay

the dragons of –isms and schisms,

still try to befriend the neighbors

with baked goods.

The system will enslave us,

but only if we let it.


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper