Poetry when I get inspired. My poems deal with a wide variety of topics, including, but certainly not limited to,  men, plants and animals, fashion, style, menswear, relationships, art, and architecture.  They employ a variety of forms and techniques, from haiku and blank verse to totally unstructured open form.  In terms of a unifying style, though, I think it would be accurate to say that my poems are both imagistic and journalistic, that I begin with a picture in words of what I see as I look around me every day.  And my view is often filtered through a sense of humour, not seldom ironic.

I have two other blogs here on WordPress: Kat Tai-Dai Mau, a comic about the adventures of a Burmese cat with tie-dye markings who is a tai-chi master, and AllenStyle, which is a personal blog about what I wear.

In my day job, I teach composition, literature, and poetry writing at a community college in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Life of My Career, Or Vice Versa:

A Slightly Less Tedious Version of My CV


Name of Allen Culpepper,

write a lot of poems.

live in Tulsa, Oklahoma,

edit and profess.


Started out at Alabama,

studied languages,

and some English history,

got BA in ’85.

After some newspaper work,

went back for a master’s,

University of West Florida,

Auden thesis, ’93.

Ph.D. from Tulsa came

in May of ’98,

with Housman, Owen, Auden, Gunn

as dissertation subjects.


Work now at Tulsa Community College,

teaching lots of comp,

some classes in writing poetry,

literature occasionally.

Also at TCC I serve

on many search committees.

For seven years at Manatee

(now called SCF),

taught comp and lots of literature,

American, English, world.

While at Manatee I started

a journal, Elektraphrog.

Before that, directed writing

program at TU,

taught comp and lit at OSU,

Comp I and II and Rogers,

after some post-grad teaching

before I left TU,

one semester in Dodge City,

writing and Brit lit.

As grad student, taught and tutored

at TU, and worked

in UWF writing lab

while working on degrees.

Between BA and starting master’s

worked as journalist—

ended as managing editor

at Eufaula Tribune.



My poems have been published, in

Florida English, Elektraphrog,

Cooweescoowee and This Land,

CC&D and Q Review,

Tulsa Review and Outside the Lines,

Church-Wellesley Review, Faculty Forum.

But mostly these days I blog them myself

on Poetry When It Comes.

Performances and Presentations

Poetry performed in various venues,

Swampside at Manatee,

Poetry for Peace at TCC,

Pop Culture Association meetings

in Chicago and St. Louis

and Phoenix coffeehouse in Tulsa.

Also do talks on literature

of interest LGBTQ

and have presented on Owen and Gunn

and the Shelleys at conferences.


Besides starting Elektraphrog

and judging many poetry contests,

I read poetry submissions

for journal Nimrod, and I work

one-on-one with poets at its

annual conference in October.

Life outside

I like reading murder mysteries,

I like to ride my bike,

I play piano just a bit,

I walk a lot, and when

I have money, I travel.

Also I listen to indie-rock

and enjoy theatre.

Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

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