Missing Muse

Hello, I’d like to report a missing muse.

That’s right, muse: m-u-s-e.

Well, you know, they…they make poetry happen.

A runaway?  I don’t know really…maybe…

but she’s probably a bit old for that.


How do I know she’s missing?

Well, aside from the obvious…

That nothing makes poetry happen,

apologies to Auden.

What?  Oh, no one; I assure you he’s not involved.


She and I usually hang out regularly,

at least once a month or so,

and she texts me a lot, only not lately.

And she hasn’t posted on Facebook

in I don’t know how long.


The last time I saw her?

Well, I haven’t ever seen her exactly…

No, I don’t have a history of mental problems,

well, not terribly serious ones anyway…

A photo?  Well, no, she’s a bit camera shy, actually.


Describe her?  Well, she’s, she’s…

What? Amusing?  No, that’s not quite it…

Oh, wait, I get it; that’s clever, but no…

More like inspirational, I guess you’d say.

Physical appearance?  Well…

That’s right, I wouldn’t know.


Yes, yes, I know I’m not giving you

much useful information to go on.

But please, I really need your help.

She’s been gone for a while now,

and I miss her.  I’m just not

very productive without her.


Thanks so much. I appreciate that.

Yes, please do call if you get any leads.

Thanks again. Good-bye.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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