Rain Against Glass

torre rain.jpg

Drops of rain slide down
the plate-glass observation windows
of the Torre Latinoamericana,
their there-and-gone movements
pocking the panoramic view
like light blips on a film screen;
and there’s plenty of action down there,
the pink taxis and green buses
jamming the thoroughfares,
the pedestrians caught out
reaching for umbrellas
if they’ve planned ahead,
or, if not, jogging a few steps
before they realize the futility
and just enjoy the coolness
of the shower, unless they’re
close enough to take cover
in cafes, where the employees
find themselves suddenly
overwhelmed with customers;
and the volcanoes in the distance,
keep simmering like the inhabitants
of the city they have guarded
since the era of the Aztecs
and their thirsty gods.

Copyright 2016
T. Allen Culpepper