Young Man at the Beach

Advisory: Nudity, sexual situation


Aware only of himself

and the warm rays of the sun,

he half-dozes, lulled by the

crashing surf, hands wandering

instinctively toward his cock,

his striped towel absorbing

the worries of the week that

he sweats off on his free day,

lazing making on the beach.


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper




Sprawled on the grass beside his bike

in Sempione Park on a warm spring day,

nearly naked, just short shorts and sneakers,

dark-haired and fit, with smooth, hairless

chest and slightly hairy legs, he stretches,

adjusts the position of his right arm,

with which he has been shielding his face,

pats his lean abs with his left hand,

then shifts again and slides both hands

over his torso, now glistening with sweat.


At this point, were he in a porn film,

one hand would drift into his shorts,

and a handsome stranger would suddenly

emerge from the bushes, and after

a bit of carefully orchestrated foreplay,

do him hot and heavy on the bicycle,

but this is reality, so he just writhes

a bit in the warmth, not that I’m watching.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper