Long Night Moon

After a storm, the drapes of rain are drawn,

but a low ceiling of clouds still obscures

the fullness of the December moon,

making darker the longest night of the year,

with Mercury and Jupiter conjoined,

as stars fall behind the heavy barrier,

and Earth’s upper half leans backward until

it reaches the maximum tilt of winter solstice,

inviting winter in, but also promising

the turn of the wheel toward another spring.

A cold midwinter moon, a long night moon,

at the solstice ritually fired and feasted;

the decorative evergreen branches, cut, must die,

except as symbols, but the trees live on.

Next day, the sun rises late, but rises still,

and blazes bright until its early setting.


Copyright 2018

T. Allen Culpepper

Comeback Star

A dazzling square of light

dances through my bedroom curtains

for the Saturday premiere

of our favorite celestial star

making its lively stage-left entrance

after a week of dull, wet Mondays,

providing its own hot spot,

upstaging everything on earth

as innumerable flowers raise

their parti-coloured petals in applause.

Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper