Comeback Star

A dazzling square of light

dances through my bedroom curtains

for the Saturday premiere

of our favorite celestial star

making its lively stage-left entrance

after a week of dull, wet Mondays,

providing its own hot spot,

upstaging everything on earth

as innumerable flowers raise

their parti-coloured petals in applause.

Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper

Coffee House on Saturday

At the Coffee House on Cherry Street,

adjacent to the weekly farmers’ market,

Saturday morning bustles with a lively,

energetic crowd breakfasting

or getting their start-up caffeine buzz,

one diligent student type already

camped out with laptop and pile of books.


The layout of the place rather odd,

the vibe hippy crossed with Italian,

ponytailed cashier, shout-outs

from the barista working the espresso machine,

Tuscan scenes painted on one wall,

otherwise slightly rustic-looking decor,

but with modern leather seating.


Noisy right now, a lot of commotion,

but everyone’s laidback, agreeable,

enjoying the weekend atmosphere–

and the iced coffee’s not bad at all.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper

Summer Saturday in South Alabama


Four 0’clocks at ten:

flowers closed and tightly rolled–

so much potential.



Dead Maple

The maple tree has died,

some kind of blight, they tell me.

No more scarlet leaves.




Ripples on the lake

lapping at white sand, green grass.

Dragonfly rides breeze.



Smells Like Saturday

The smells of pine sap,

lake water and outboard fuel:

summer Saturday.




Magnificent oak:

leafy branches embracing

world; great trunk strong, tall.



Evening at the Lake

Crickets start their song,

blue-grey water turning green,

giant moon rising.



Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper