On the sofa in jeans and cardigan

loosely buttoned over purple shirt,

low-cut canvas sneakers, navy Converse;

slender, blue-eyed, not a model but handsome.


With a friend, having a casual chat

at the coffeehouse on a sunny Saturday,

legs crossed, long-fingered hands; punctuating

his narrative with a quiet laugh.


Can’t hear the secrets he has to tell,

but when he smiles, I smile as well.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


Missed Opportunity?

Sitting in front of me at the recital,

smart casual in grey trousers and black shoes,

Christmas sweater, but the print is subtle,

not cartoonish, and the red’s a hue

that compliments his skin, smooth and pale,

with dark brown hair well-cut, neither too

short not long, parted left and gelled;

sings along, I guess he’s had some training,

I reckon that he’s probably a second tenor.

His eyes attract me, though I of course refrain

from the temptation to ask him out for…dinner.

I’m sure of me he’s totally oblivious;

he’s with a group of friends, not alone.

If he has a boyfriend, I am envious,

but I’ll not talk to him, just head home.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper