Young Man at the Beach

Advisory: Nudity, sexual situation


Aware only of himself

and the warm rays of the sun,

he half-dozes, lulled by the

crashing surf, hands wandering

instinctively toward his cock,

his striped towel absorbing

the worries of the week that

he sweats off on his free day,

lazing making on the beach.


Copyright 2016

T. Allen Culpepper




Just Be


After two hot days, it’s cooling down

a little bit. I’m sitting on the porch

as midnight approaches, keeping company

with my cat, taking the night air.

Right now, it’s actually pleasant, light

breeze just slightly stirring a neighbor’s flag.

I sip a glass of wine and imagine

ways to carry out my dreams, and think

of more mundane things like what I’ll have

for breakfast, whether I will go to church,

what form of exercise to take, whether

I should see a film, how well I’ll sleep

tonight, if the cat needs more flea meds,

if I watered all the plants, should

I call the plumber about the leaky faucet…

But I’ve digressed, as I will do, obsessing

over trivia; I’m trying to describe

the way it feels to be right here, right now,

how porch-sitting stabilizes life

(one lesson learned from living in the South),

what delights our cats and dogs provide,

sweet floral fragrance of a summer night,

how sometimes it’s all OK if we

can have some time to be ourselves in our

own time, own place, to relax, release

ourselves from stressors, and just be, just be.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper