He brings his bike, which doesn’t have a kickstand,

into the coffeehouse, so you can’t help noticing

as he moves around the room trying to find

the best place to lean it, but you would have

noticed him anyway, first because he’s cute,

vanilla-skinned and blond, but second because

when he settles into a chair by the window

and reaches into his pocket, what comes out

is not a smartphone but a book, an actual

printed-paper book, serious-looking,

without pictures, and then he begins

reading it, attentively, by choice,

without a highlighter, so seductively

that you want to read with him.


Copyright 2018

T. Allen Culpepper


Literary Festival

Just an informational post. If you happen to be in or near Tonkawa, Oklahoma, USA Sept. 24-25, check out Chikaskia Literary Festival at Northern Oklahoma College.  I’ll be reading at the 10 a.m. session on the 25th.

Thursday: 12:30 p.m. registration and books for sale
1 p.m. Joey Brown, Heather Levy, Kirk Ashworth
2 p.m. Dorothy Alexander, Leah Chaffin, Mike Rishell, 3 p.m. Jill Hawkins, Britton GIldersleeve, Todd Fuller
4 p.m. Brent Newsome, Tim Bradford
4:45 Student showcase
Friday: 8:30 am registration, books for sale, coffee
9 a.m. Jason Christian, Trey Moody, Rob Roensch
10 a.m. Carol Johnson, James Brubaker, Bayard Godsave, Allen Culpepper,
11 a.m. Jenny Yang Cropp, Paul Austin, Jill Talbot
Noon. Lunch.
1 p.m. Featured reader Rilla Askew