A Sledding Accident

Rage, that’s all I could feel,

Running with Jim Carrey

After a few drinks at happy hour.

It had been as awkward

As a prom date on Pluto.

After I got all dressed up

In my coarsely woven

Wool crop top and

Purple autumn rain boots,

He had the never to bring

His seal along, and as if

The third wheel weren’t bad enough,

The trail was a bumpy as a needle

Hitting a record with a jerk

During a fracking earthquake.

I was so mad it wasn’t citrus

I put in his hummus,

It was death by poison.

I would’ve got away with it too,

if it had snowed,

but it hadn’t,

so I just sat there on my sled

waiting for winter,

but the cops got there first.

Note: My results from a random-word poetry exercise I did with my students in class last night.

Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper