Fairy Tail

Advisory:Sexually explicit


Once under a time out of the water nearby,

rode a knight with a shiner, armoured,

on his lusty steed, seeking a handsome young prince,

bored and expiring, to bore some spirit into.


Everyone he met, he questioned,

“Where can I find a handsome young prince,

bored and expiring, whose hungry hole

needs some liberation?”


And always they answered the same:

“There’s a prince, just like you describe him,

kept in a dungeon under the castle,

and rumored to take all comers.”


So off to that dungeon rode our knight,

the motion of his steed, along with the

anticipated action, making him more

than a little bit horny.


Arriving at the castle and barging

into the dungeon, the knight saw

the young prince, handsome as promised,

naked and shaved and tied to the bed.


“Well, fuck!” said the knight. “Everything’s

just as they said! “What’s your story,

my ravishing young prince? How did

you get yourself into this predicament?”


“Simple enough,” the prince responded,

“My royal parents grounded me here

to keep me from being promiscuous,

but it hasn’t quite worked out as planned.


“They always forget to lock the door,

so every night a new knight shows up

to fuck me and leave me—and leave

me unsatisfied, because all their cocks

are just average, and I need a lot of lance.

Will you kiss me, untie me and take me away?

I am ravishingly handsome, after all,

and you look a little lonely yourself.”


“Eventually,” said the knight, but first

I’m going to ravish you, handsome,

and liberate your slutty ass with a lot

of my lance, which I think you will find

more than adequate, but if you’re still

unsatisfied, we can have a three-way

with my steed, who’s hung like a horse

and always up for anything.”


No doubt the knight with a shiner,

will fulfill all the desires of the

bored young prince, and they’ll kiss

and ride the steed off together.

But, right now, it seems

they’re still going at it.


Copyright 2018

T. Allen Culpepper