Premature Guilt

Even in forests primeval, did innocence dwell,

among the tawny creatures in leafy dales,

or was it an imaginary essence unseen

not only in the city but among the greens?


If it ever existed, we cannot  say,

though we claim to have lost it along the anxious way;

we struggle to reclaim it, but never will–

same old story, Prometheus, rock, and hill.


We claim that Eden was a paradise,

yet Eve and Adam rolled dice and got snake eyes–

so evil came in shortly after first light;

before they entered the ring, they had lost the fight.


And light itself shadow creates, so thus

we are marked with darkness, unlucky us.


Copyright 2018

T. Allen Culpepper

That Innocent Moment

Naked Narciso, beautiful, bronzed, and muscular,

takes a forward fold on the outcropped rock

beside the still waters of the untroubled lake,

stretching his lean and youthful form,

with back arched and buttocks high,

dark head curled low, tanned olive limbs elongated.

His ears take in the hum and chirp of bugs and birds,

but with eyes half-closed, he has only felt his beauty,

not yet looked into the pool and seen

what he will love to make himself immortal.

Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper