At the Vampire Weekend Concert


Tall and lean in skinny jeans

over leather desert boots,

tightly fitting printed shirt,

a blue button-up with sleeves

rolled high, brown hair styled just so.



Multicolored striped

sweater, glasses, tight black cap

pushed back on buzzed blond

head, smooth face, skinny black  jeans,

rich voice, but girlish giggle.



Angel in an unexpected venue,

blond perfection behind me for a moment,

but, like youth itself, in a flash

the apparition disappears from view.



Straw-haired kid in blazer,

like me, there on his own,

but he’s happy, singing.



Straight couple in band T-shirts;

both are short, about my height;

he’s not bad–light beard, knit cap,

small plugs in his ears, brown eyes.



Two South Asian boys:

one bubbly, knows all the words;

the other stoic.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper

At the Foals Concert


Tall, slender, in skinny jeans,

skimpy grey tank, Converse low-tops,

black knit cap worn way back

over backward-combed blond hair,

eyes grey-blue, skin smooth and tan.



Tee striped the color of lemon meringue,

bright blue rolled-leg chinos, loafers

in pale green with rubber soles.

Hair cut 60s mod, with beard,

walks with hands in his pockets.



Tee shirt snug, faded orange,

dark skinny jeans, with big cuffs

rolled up to middle calf,

leather slides on his feet,

hairy legs and he stands

with them close together, not

the typical stance for a guy.

He stands that way for a while,

then crosses left in front of right,

toe down, heal up, the silhouette

of a statue, classic Greek.



Short shorts in a chalky blue,

navy tee with deep V-neck,

black glasses, red narrow shoes,

dark hair cut expensively,

slender legs, delicate build.



Strawberry blond, classic cut,

parted left; black V-neck tee

reveals more chest hair than expected,

given that he’s under-aged.

Wearing dark jeans, super-skinny,

cool black lace-ups trimmed in yellow.

Classic nose, good teeth, stylish glasses.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper