Male Beauty Speaks with Musical Voice



Skinny but cute in black tee and cranberry shorts

with golden blond hair attractively shaggy

sitting cross-legged on one of the tall chairs near

the windows, in a position I probably couldn’t

even get into,


Speaking softly in a sweet musical voice to his

friend across the table as they work on homework

for college,


Left-handed, he gestures with the long slender

fingers of his right, arm curving gracefully outward

as in the bird-flapping-wings movement

of tai chi,


And then, as he digs for something in his backpack,

he looks up and smiles, extending a shapely leg,

light-haired and lightly tanned and arching

a sandaled foot,


And I wish for a moment that I were thirty years

younger and back in the day when, under the

right circumstances, I might have been

the friend.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper