Untitled limericks

According to Michel de Montaigne,

the mind of a man can contain

a whole lot of fluff

but not much solid stuff,

’cause his thoughts are mixed up in his brain.



There once was a professor called Leeming

who lectured on “Being” and “Seeming,”

but students couldn’t decide

for the sake of their lives

if any of her points were redeeming.



There once was a student from Venice

who couldn’t control his penis.

He wanted to fuck,

but he was all out of luck,

’cause before he could start he would finish.



There once was a doctor named Hacker

who was just a bit of a slacker.

His patients all died,

his receptionist cried,

but his nurse took the blame, and he sacked her.



There once was a dude from Yazoo

who had attitude outta the wazoo.

He thought he was hot;

the ladies thought not,

and told him, “Fuck off, you spaz, you.”


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper