Note: I attended a poetry workshop conducted by Tina Chang, who gave us the difficult task of writing a poem in the person of someone we detest.  There aren’t too many people I detest, but Fred Phelps was one of them, so here is my attempt to speak in his persona.

“They all dared to accuse

only me of hate-mongering,

blind to the hypocrisy of their

own “say no” campaigns,

and though I felt no love

for them and their wicked

ways, I acted always

for their benefit,

condemning their actions,

trying to prise them away

from their iniquitous obsession,

calling them to leave it,

to repent before

the point of no return,

when the wrath

of an angry God,

worse by many orders

of magnitude than

any human hate,

a God who loathes them

for their abomination

and will consume

them body and soul

in the flames of his fury,

and as they burn,

they will turn to one

another and acknowledge

whom they should have


Copyright 201

T. Allen Culpepper


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