Advisory: This one is sexually explicit. Please don’t read it if you find that offensive.

Well, of course, I set the alarm,

but it has stopped, and I’m feeling something

against me, and not being fully awake,

I at first suspect the cat and reach

back to brush her away, but, no,

it is Colin, who has manoeuvred himself

into something like a reversed spoon position

and is sucking on my balls from behind

as I lie there half on my stomach, half

on my side, using his teeth just enough

to be annoying, not enough to hurt,

and I am sleep-groggy, morning-grumpy,

and not really in the mood, but still,

I can’t help starting to get a little hard

as he slides his warm wet tongue

along my perineum, reaching his left

hand over my belly, fingers slowly

massaging their way down toward

my pubes, and then pins me with

a hairy, muscular leg draped across

my chest, ankle at my chin and knee

at my navel, and then suddenly,

you know, I’m really into as well,

and various acrobatic acts ensue,

and then I can’t find my trousers

and miss the first train so that I

have to take the later one in,

and, of course, I had to have

my tea at some point, and so,

naturally, I simply couldn’t

avoid being just slightly late.

Copyright 2015

  1. Allen Culpepper

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