Advisory: This one is sexually explicit. Please don’t read it if that is an issue for you. There are plenty of clean ones to choose instead.

Lying on my back,

deltoids sunk in to the pillows,

I reach around to press

my hands against his lower back

and hook my knees over his shoulders

to pull them forward and raise my hole,

craning my neck up so our lips can lock

as I open up and take my man inside me,

my palms sliding toward his hips

to urge him deeper, and he adjusts his pace

until his dick’s thrusts

sync with the rhythm

of my breath

with the throb

and my heartbeat,

and we fuse together

in thought and word and deed,

one body, one soul, one flesh,

one quick and quivering being,


Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper


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