The Reincarnation of Misfit Toys


Banned by every school in the universe

back in the day when no one thought

to worry about automatic weapons,

Clackers took over as the plaything

of choice–heavy, hard acrylic orbs

on connecting strings, the object being

to yank the strings to knock the balls

together, annoying everyone within

the range of sound—for fear that

some kid’s head would find its way

into their relentless path, or that,

as happened on occasion, the balls

would shatter on impact and

“put out an eye or something.”

Like so many fads, they came

and went, forgotten for all these

decades, until today, when I walked

into the conference hotel and saw

them there; the artifacts of my

misspent youth had been recycled

as chandeliers and sconces,

to my elementary teachers’ horror,

proven enlightening after all.

Copyright 2015

T. Allen Culpepper


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