Silhouetted against late-afternoon windows,

his posture a lazy S, with shoulders hunched,

head tilted down toward his cell phone,

long-legged knees angled, sneakers

on the foot rail of the bar stool,

straw-colored hair an beard a little

scraggly but attractively so,

head topped with knitted cap.

The place is hardly empty,

yet when I later view the photo

I surreptitiously snapped,

he’s the only one in the picture,

as if the others had all been ghosts.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Portrait of a Young Man in Rain

Walking in the rain along Utica Avenue

in black hoodie, dark jeans, and trainers,

with a red backpack, the young man pauses

at the corner of Third Street to wait

for traffic to clear, and when he looks up,

the hood slips backward slightly to reveal

a smooth handsome face content under wavy hair,

eyes bright, mouth not cursing the rain.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper

Publication update

I don’t usually post unless I have a new poem to share, but I thought I should post an update on recent publications.

1. This Land Press published my  poem “An Apparition and a Refuge” in its September 2, 2014 issue.

2.  “Your Eyes” has received an honorable mention in the Mind Magazine Top Talent Showcase and has been published online at!mind-magazine-top-talent-showcase/c1xse. They also published my “Turtle” in the “fun poetry” category. You can find it in the same location.

3. And “Ashley” is now available online in Writings from Scars Publications at It is scheduled for publication in Children, Churches & Daddies (web and print) in February 2015.


PS:  If any of you are also interested in men’s style/fashion, check out my new style blog, Allen Style, here on WordPress:

Looks and Wishes

In a queue he attracts my gaze.

Thirty-ish maybe, with shaved

head, neat beard, plaid shirt,

jeans, and bright green canvas

high-tops. From a few feet away

I estimate measurements: maybe

four inches taller, five pounds

lighter, but definitely within

the right ranges. He’s intent

on ordering his drink, not

looking behind. Coffee or tea

in hand, he’ll be re-settles at his

corner table by the time I find

a place to sip my beer and

scan the local papers, my back

toward him though I manage

some over-the-shoulder glances

unseen and unreturned. I haven’t

time to linger, but as I depart,

I risk a final look, which he this

time briefly returns, but whether

with interest or without it’s

impossible to determine without

asking him directly, and that

seems just a bit too forward.


Copyright 2014

  1. Allen Culpepper

Young Queer Reiterating the Archetype

He’s young, as in high-school aged,

a cute kid in lace-up boots, dark

skinny jeans, and a black T-shirt

with did-it-himself cutouts in the back

showing some skin, revealing the lean

curves of his torso as he leans forward

over the counter, bantering with

the barista; a tragus piercing,

bracelets and rings, a small old-school

tattoo on his forearm, a sharp haircut and

a touch of guyliner finish off the

queer-rebel look that from the perspective

of three times his age comes across

as somewhat cliched, perhaps even

unintentionally self-parodic,

but I wouldn’t for the world

have him change a stich of it

while he’s young enough to own it.


Copyright 2014

  1. Allen Culpepper