Young Queer Reiterating the Archetype

He’s young, as in high-school aged,

a cute kid in lace-up boots, dark

skinny jeans, and a black T-shirt

with did-it-himself cutouts in the back

showing some skin, revealing the lean

curves of his torso as he leans forward

over the counter, bantering with

the barista; a tragus piercing,

bracelets and rings, a small old-school

tattoo on his forearm, a sharp haircut and

a touch of guyliner finish off the

queer-rebel look that from the perspective

of three times his age comes across

as somewhat cliched, perhaps even

unintentionally self-parodic,

but I wouldn’t for the world

have him change a stich of it

while he’s young enough to own it.


Copyright 2014

  1. Allen Culpepper

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