Il Bello Dormento

After a rough night out,

with that bitchy old fairy cussing at him and everything,

our young protagonist comes come

and crashes naked on the sofa, beautiful despite his exhaustion,

feeling as if he could sleep for a hundred years.


Actually, though, it’s only until

his handsome boyfriend, returning from work and finding

him all exposed and half hard

from dreaming of who knows what or whom,

can’t resist the temptation to start sucking his cock,

so of course he wakes up and they fuck around,

and afterward they both sleep some more

and then get up and live happily for the rest of the day,

except for that little argument during brunch.


PS: They stick together even though

the boyfriend’s mother turns out to be a real ogre,

and nobody gets eaten except in the good and figurative sense.


Copyright 2014

T. Allen Culpepper


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