Leaning against the wall, awaiting his turn

at the book signing, lazy-lidded brown eyes,

under a fringe of unkempt hair, yearning

for something he’s not yet sure of but will recognize

when he finds it.


Face young and smooth, but under the Roman nose

just a shadow over the parted lips

revealing a toothsome grim at a joke

told by a companion. Jeans low on hips,

faux leather jacket


with epaulets, worn in stylish rebellion

over a zip-neck top and T-shirt,

sneakers black-on-black; but he’s no hellion,

just a smart kid whose dramatic future,

if he sticks with it,


will warm and dazzle his enraptured watchers,

whether he’s on stage or in the crowd;

he has that charismatic pull that catches

eyes and captures hearts–not brash or loud,

but always copacetic.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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