Do I Need a Camel Coat? A Study of Winter Fashion Trends

I admit I doubt the necessity of a camel coat,

except of course for a camel, though I suppose

I see the logic of the pea coat in the colour

of mushy peas, but despite its Italian provenance,

I’d put it with the vermilion British shoes rather

than the animal-printed pony loafers, which

would catch eyes indoors but don’t seem

quite fitting for the winter weather that

would require the coat.


The evening wear in green and purple velvet

I could definitely go for, but where and when

do I ever need to wear a dinner jacket

in any colour, in velvet or otherwise?

The floral embroidered jacket, though,

could perhaps double for daytime

wear, if paired with jeans or cords

and the right shoes, maybe polished

monks or rugged boots in colored suede…


Skinny jeans with bulging cargo pockets?

Well, I grant the practical need,

but, really, could that look be stylish

on anyone besides an anorexic teen?

Those Adidas trainers in zebra print

complete with tails are brilliant,

I have to say, though I’m sure I

would look foolish wearing them,

despite my taste for adventurous footwear.


And trenches!  Every designer breathing

seems to have one on offer, the ubiquitous

belted coats that all look like, well, trenches;

I mean really, what can you do?

So Tommy trims it down a bit

and Burberry makes it shiny,

but we miss our Alex McQueen.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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