Running for Kentucky

In U of Kentucky blue,

traveling for a track event,

college athletes good-looking and lean,

all friendly, but polite and quiet.

Most are dressed in warm-up pants

or sweats as they check in

and find their hotel rooms,

but one, light and graceful

on his feet–I think of Shakespeare’s

Tempest Ariel–wears his

running shorts as streetwear,

made of the lightest nylon,

and so little of it that they

reveal more than they cover,

clinging to his body’s contours.

He seems totally un-self-conscious,

not trying to show off,

though surely he must know

that he looks good in them,

that watchers admire his toned

and shapely legs, speculate

about the removal of those

shorts, about what’s underneath.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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