Depp by Ritts

Improbably seated on a kitchen stove

in a 1990 portrait shot in Los Angeles

by Herb Ritts, a still-young Johnny Depp,

his eyes deep pools of brown, gazes

at the camera. He’s dressed in T-shirt,

jeans, black boots, a single pendant

suspended from a chain circling his neck.

He sits on the burners beside a kettle,

left foot resting on the open oven door,

right leg crossed over knee, both hands

clasping boot, cigarette between the

fingers of the left. His hair, shorter than

in later years, a careful mess on top,

razor-cut wedges on the sides; there’s

a bit of scruff above his pouty lips,

a small tattoo adorning his left bicep.

“This is me,” he seems to say, “the way I am.

Accept it, deal with it, or just move on.”


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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