At the Center of the Universe

On the Boston Avenue pedestrian bridge

over the railroad tracks in downtown Tulsa,

lies the so-called Center of the Universe,

marked by a concrete circle. As a result

of some unexplained phenomenon,

if you stand inside the circle

and speak or shout or sing, your voice

takes on a vibrato or tremolo

quality that only you can hear,

regardless of the direction you face.

It lends its name to a music festival

now in progress, and apparently

also morphs time and space

to produce weird twists of fate.

For example, many bands are playing,

but just one I want to hear tonight–

the Mowglis–were to play at nine-thirty,

but unexpected rescheduling

moved them back to six 0’clock,

so I missed them and was angry.

But then I see a Tweet from them

about a short acoustic set

they’re doing later,  not on stage,

but on the bridge right at the Center.

So I head out to try to catch them,

and craziness ensues–traffic,

parking confusion, misplaced wallet,

general mayhem, lines for wristbands,

then more lines for beer, clock ticking,

but then I arrive and find myself

sitting on a bench with them,

chatting while they wait for their gear,

and then the set, though short, is brilliant,

close-up, intimate; fans of all ages

singing along, clapping, and dancing.

In the moment, it really feels

like some universal center.


Copyright  2013

T. Allen Culpepper

One thought on “At the Center of the Universe

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