Premiere at the Circle



A big crowd gathers at Circle Cinema

for the local premiere of the film Home, James,

shot right here in Tulsa, cinematography

highlights local places we all know.

Showing’s connected with the eighty-fifth

anniversary of the theatre; it’s had

quite a life: from popular date spot in the

fifties to seedy porn in the seventies–

now the place for art-house films, home-grown

favorites, documentaries, foreign gems.

Just one screen when it re-opened with cool

movies but uncomfortable seats; then a

second screen with better chairs; and now,

three screens, the original auditorium and lobby

open again–and it’s a real premiere,

with red carpet leading in, director,

actors, cinematographer, and writers

all on hand for a following Q-and-A.

The kind of thing that’s common on the coasts,

but a big deal here, and the audience loves it.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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