Starts with an O

The name was something related to “ocean,”

but the front man mumbled and I didn’t quite catch it,

a band of kids set up on a patch

of scruffy grass to administer a dose


of music at the farmers’ market—

two guitars, keyboard, drum kit.

Not bad at all, chill music for

a sultry evening in the park.


The singer’s hot, with perfect look

for summer gig: tie-dye tank,

orange cotton shorts, barefoot,

bright yellow band around his ankle


drawing attention to sun-tanned feet,

sexy when to a pedal lifted.

He says he’s sweating in the heat,

but he’s at ease as well as gifted.


Drummer’s cute too, with light-brown skin,

well-dressed dreads, a laidback mood;

a second-guitarist, long-haired, big-shoed,

and keyboard player, adding fills in.


They make a talented ensemble,

and though the crowd this evening’s small,

this gig is only a preamble;

with time they’ll be playing concert halls.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper






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