Twice in One Day

It was his idea, he texted me,

wanting to go for iced coffee or tea

in the afternoon when I really

needed to do some work, but I wanted

some company, so I rearranged

my plans, got showered and dressed, brought in the cat.

I asked where we should meet and noticed that

his reply was slow in coming. I was

putting on my shoes when finally he

responded that something had come up,

he wouldn’t be in town until later,

was I free to do something in the evening?

It was an inconvenience, but things do

happen sometimes, so I answered yes.

He said he was coming in at seven,

promised to text then so we could plan—

I wanted to stop in at an art-show opening;

after that, was up for food or drink.


Just before seven, I got ready

to go out again, did a little

cleaning just in case he came to my place

on the way out or maybe afterward.

At seven-thirty, I still had  heard nothing

from him. Likewise at eight and at nine.

At nine-thirty, annoyed, I texted him,

asked if something better had come up.

He said no, he was just at home,

very tired and so very sorry.

By then, it was late, I too was tired.

He had my number; he should’ve called and said—

much earlier—that he wasn’t up to it,

when there still was time for me to make

some different plans.  Once, I understand,

but twice in one day seems quite unfair.

Should I excuse, give him another chance,

or should I drop him from my list, move on?


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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