Son and His Father

Of Middle Eastern descent, I think,

unless maybe it’s South Asian,

but now as American as they come.

Black hair, glasses, light brown skin,

with his father; he’s the son,


a young adult, looks quick and smart,

apparently interested in fine arts.

He’s good at choosing neutral colors–

not for me, but on him they work:

taupe shirt, short-sleeve, in cotton,

slate-grey shorts, moccasins,

all subtle, but a little quirky.


The father, in his late fifties perhaps,

less notably dressed, but a distinguished man,

still trim, with greying hair, moustache,

looks wise, as if he’d never be rash;

emotions contained, never off the map.


I happen to notice them totally at random.

Side by side, they walk in tandem;

the pair of them could be called handsome.

It’s minds that interest me this time, though;

I’d like to converse with them both.

Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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