In a Photo by Tommy Ton

On the street, which happens

to be in Milan, of course,

the youngish man, though

he doesn’t look at all Italian,

knows how to cut la bella figura.

He’s been to the barber, his short

white-blond hair perfectly cut and groomed,

blue eyes and smile too dazzling

for an addict of espresso.

He wears a crisp white shirt

and simple navy tie,

but it’s the jacket that pops:

short, utility cuts with pockets

and snaps, in bright olive,

open, casually thrown on

(or so it appears, even if it

took twenty minutes).

From one breast pocket dangle

sunglasses with tortoise frames;

the other’s adorned with a silk

handkerchief, bright blue to

match his eyes, patterned

with white flowers. He’s talking,

walking with a friend,

who’s also well-dressed,

but whom no one particularly notices.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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