On the Roof at El Guapo

Still warm on the street,

but cool up here, with the breeze

augmented by whirring fans.


Only three storeys up,

the view of downtown towers

is better than you’d expect:

Philtower, Philcade, Mid-Continent,

Atlas Life, National Bank, B-O-K.


The restaurant’s busy but not crowded;

I get my table without a wait.

The not-bad-looking server

brings fish tacos and a salty margarita

after my walk along the river—

perfect on a lazy summer evening.


On my way out, the barriers drop,

the inevitable train rumbles past,

the only commotion there is:

only the restaurants are open,

even the ballpark empty.


Back to ground level,

Tulsa on Sunday.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper








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