Some Shelter Cats


Green-Eyed Cat

She’s a calico,

mostly white with orange, tan,

pink nose pointed up.



Black stripes on light grey:

classic short-haired tabby tom,

striped tail curled, black eyes.



After some struggles,

sweet orange tabby needs home.

Who can take him in?



The curious one,

inquiring face aimed at you,

ears always perked up.


Stripes Included

Green-eyed grey kitten–

big ears, pink nose, white-gloved paws–

wants someone to play.



Black and white keeps watch

beside entrance, announces

everyone who comes.


Note: I mainly try to focus on the art and keep off the soapbox, but please, everyone, spay or neuter your pets, adopt a cat or dog if you can, and support your local no-kill shelter.

Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper



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