Airport Haiku

Too Early

At airport at five,

no time even for coffee;;

should have just stayed up.



Excuse me, is this

the insecurity line?

I need to be screened.


Full Flight

They just keep coming;

the whole airport’s on this flight:

too much commotion!



He looks nice in black;

magenta headphones stand out.

Flying to Dallas.



Group in matching shirts;

hope they’re not going abroad–

look too touristy.



Sitting here on plane,

just waiting for departure;

this part’s too much fun.


Too Comfortable

I know it’s summer,

but beachwear at the airport?

Surely that’s just wrong.


Wheelchair No Style Barrier

In cream suit and hat,

bound for Louisiana,

he’s dapper with shades, cane.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper











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