Christ Window at St. Luke’s

In the great window over the altar,

Jesus with flowing blond hair,

tall and straight like a Doric column,

ruby-red mantle draped over left

shoulder, right hand raised.

Beatific expression on his too-pale

face, but the most remarkable feature,

apart from the sun-fueled intensity

of the jeweled glass, is the artist’s

representation of the feet of Christ,

glowing white, fanned together

in a most unnatural position, as if

he does not stand but rather levitates

over the adjacent panels below,

the intent presumably to show

Christ as mediator between

heaven and earth, a protective

comforter hovering over the

congregants. And yet the effect

proves distancing, surreal.

The priest reads the Gospel,

the story of the sinful woman

who washes Jesus’ feet with

tears and dries them with her

hair focusing greater attention

on those translucent feet,

perhaps the feet of divinity

being the only part for which

we mortals can aspire to reach.


Note: The window’s location is St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper




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