Not Meeting Some Friends for Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

“It’s been a year,” my counselor says. “It’s time

to meet some people again. Why don’t you try

going to Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs?

You could have some fun, and a change of scene

might help.” And so I book a room at the motel

where one of the events is set and think, No telling

what mischief might be managed at meals, pool parties,

and dance bars where the action never starts

’til past my normal bedtime.  Arrived and game,

I make the rounds again, but come up as lame

as usual, end up alone in Basin Park,

backbeat of drums soundtracking the visual—cars

crawling past on Spring Street. Out of patience, out of luck.

Not quite the way it was scripted, but still I’m fucked.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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