April, 2013

After “September, 1918” by Amy Lowell


This morning was the color of sunlight

falling through a spring shower;

Geese swam the pond and their feathers glistened

like the sequins adorning a drag queen’s ball gown,

and the children ran beside them, their laughter

echoing cruelly, as only children’s can do.

Two young men, smiles gilding their faces,

held hands on a bench, making

memories to store on a cell phone.


Someday the hate will stop.

Then, I will recall this morning

and turn it in my mind

and blink at the glittering sequins,

embrace the sun, taste the rain

and touch the warmth of love.

But, anxious today, I worry for them;

it’s still a dangerous world.


Copyright 2013

T. Allen Culpepper


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